eCauda is an ecosystem of applications and platforms that solve pain points for most of the musical instrument industry stakeholders. It uses blockchain technologies to ensure the traceability of any instrument, both new and used. Each instrument is unequivocally identified in an immutable blockchain register and recognized with the help of AI and computer vision.

Once the instrument is registered, eCauda allows participants to record all kinds of transactions: sales, rentals, repairs, modifications, insurances, and information about past and present owners. Using smart contracts, operations are verified by all implied parties, offering eCauda to serve as an escrow agent. The marketplace enables users to hire services from reputed professionals, ranked by verified past users whose reviews are backed by real rendered services, and buy and sell instruments in a secure way.

eCauda is the one-stop solution for all these and much more use cases:

eCauda for musicians:

You have just bought your musical instrument.  Congratulations, you will spend many happy moments together! But, how could I know who used it before? Did the maker I was told the one that actually constructed it? Has it been stolen? Does it have an illegal origin? How old is it?

My instrument got stolen! How could I get it back? How could I justify its real value to the insurance company? Could the police locate me once they recover it and stop the bad guys?

eCauda can help you to solve all those questions.  Any lost instrument can be scanned using our app and find contact details of its legal owner.  It you are buying an instrument, eCauda can confirm who is the real owner, letting you to buy it with confidence.  You can also check who built it, when, and what kind of interventions and maintenance it received.  eCauda also stores values, so insurance companies can get very valuable details that would lead to better policies and lower premiums.

eCauda for instrument makers and luthiers:

How could a luthier prove that he constructed an instrument? How could new generations of owners know that I made it and increase my reputation? How could I engage existing clients or obtain new ones? What kind of past interventions the instrument I have in my hands got? Who did them?

eCauda help instrument makers to market their instruments and services, leveraging on the happy past user’s reviews.  Reach to tons of new clients, using eCauda powerful marketing tools.

eCauda for brands:

How many of my instruments are at any given store.  I would love to know sales it in real time.  How could I spot illegal resellers? How is second hand market? What is the most usual repairs my instruments have and what could I do to avoid them in the future?

eCauda’s traceability features allow the brands to keep track of all that, and even more.  Business Intelligence based on big data provided by eCauda anonymized transactions will boost efficiency, impacting the P&L.

eCauda for music schools and conservatories:

Do students borrow instruments from you? Do you need a simple system for keeping track of them? Are you afraid of students not giving them back? How could you prove which instrument is yours when your band mixes with others and their instruments also mix?

eCauda allow you to give to your students permit to use the instrument for a limited or unlimited time, while keeping the property rights intact.

eCauda for musical equipment renting companies:

Do you need a simple and extremely fast way to rent a musical equipment?

eCauda allows you to know who has your equipments, expected return dates, and historical income you obtained, among other details.  It also produces reports that could be treated by your favourite inventory software solution.

How does it work?

eCauda uses blockchain technologies to ensure traceability of any musical instrument, both new and used.  Our system registers all transactions: sales, repairs, modifications, past and present owners.

Each instrument is unequivocally identified in that immutable register.  All its physical characteristics are recorded and recognized using AI. eCauda also uses NFC to allow users and makers to identify their instruments and to register them.


Who are we?

eCauda team is composed by both passionate musicians and software engineers.  The team has tons of experience creating international startups and are now pushing hard to make eCauda a new hit!

Our vision:

We want to minimize the biggest uncertainties that all musical instrument owner or manager faces.  Artists should not worry about material things.

Our mission:

We want eCauda to become the place where musicians buy and sell their instruments, providing a trustful way of sharing data and history.  We aspire to be not only the first, but the leading solution and to maintain leadership through constant innovation.

Our values:

Maximum data security.  It is the user who decides who he wants to share data with? Musicians are at the center.  Simplicity, collaboration and love for music.

Why “eCauda”?

“Cauda” is a 12th-13th Century long contrapuntal musical section written over the same syllabe of some conductus texts.

eCauda features a long lasting digital chain containing all the musical instrument life.

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